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Metal Forming Lubricants

We offer an array of task-specific products for the full spectrum of drawing and stamping processes. Our applications include componentry for the agriculture, medical, appliance, automotive, aviation and marine industries. Despite the complex and multifaceted nature of die stamping and metal drawing, Sun Chem’s century of expertise ensures that you will receive the appropriate lubricant for your requirements.


  • Deep Draw Compound

    A. Drawmet

    Non staining, water-soluble cream coloured paste for “dry on” or emulsion application.

    Non staining, water-soluble cream coloured paste for “dry

  • Stamping Oil

    Sun Chem Stamping Oil (Vanishing oils) are designed for light-to medium-duty drawing and stamping applications, leaving little to no residue. These products provide extreme pressure lubrication, flushing and cooling for metal forming operations