Grinding Fluids

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Grinding Fluids

Grinding: We understand that grinding fluids are crucial in the grinding process.  Not only are they needed to reduce friction, but also for their ability to extract heat from the work zone and maximize material removal.  This is why are grinding fluids are formulated with advanced polymers, corrosion inhibitors and powerful detergents that result in superior quality surface finishes.  Our technology is developed for use in OD/ID, Blanchard, surface, internal, form and cylindrical grinding applications.  All of the products are compatible with diamond, CBN, vitrified and resin-bond wheels. The products are formulated from high-purity, natural petroleum and synthetic base stocks. They are job specific and are available in a range of viscosities that will complement any filter system.

A. Mineral
These fluids are low-viscosity, low-smoke grinding oils using special additives for effective grinding of high nickel alloys, tool steel alloys and carbide. These products provide excellent heat transfer coupled with high lubricity that help eliminate tool micro-structure damage and surface discoloration. These products are non-toxic and non-irritating to machine operators. It is not corrosive to steel, carbide or non-ferrous alloys. High lubricity, excellent wetting and extreme pressure properties help extend grinding wheel life, maintain wheel form and minimize burning. 

B. Synthetic
Our synthetic fluids are very low-viscosity, low-smoke synthetic grinding oils for tool steel and carbide respectively. These products are blends of special additives in synthetic oil for increased lubricity and burn-free performance at elevated temperatures. Both products are formulated with an additive package that will not be stripped by diatomaceous earth filter systems or quickly depleted during use.

C. Semi-Synthetic
These fluids are blends of synthetic hydrocarbon, synthetic ester and highly refined mineral oil. These are low-viscosity, low-smoke grinding oils that exhibit high lubricity at a reduced viscosity to maximize heat transfer for excellent grinding performance.


Application For All Grinding Operations
Technology Formulations based on American / European standard
Packaging Size (Litres) 25 ltr / 210 ltr
USP Quick removal of swarfs, Clean grinding wheels , Economical
Advantage No rusting , Excellent Surface finish

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Min. Order Quantity 50 Litre

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