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Railway Lubricants

Industrial Lubricants

  • Gear Oils
    Our gear oils are designed to combat the effects of high temperatures, water, contaminants and heavy loads.Sun chem gear oils are formulated with premium quality extreme pressure additive that is suitable for high loads and protects against wear. They are formulated with anti-foam, anti-rust and
  • Hydraulic Oils
    Specially formulated hydraulic oils for machine which works on extreme working condition. Sun hydraulic oils, is made up of high quality imported base oil and stabilized with word class antioxidants which keep this oil stable throughout its life. Its viscosity and colour do not change due to
  • Open Gear Lubricants
    Large open gears on grinding and pulverizing mills present significant lubrication challenges due to the high-load, heavy-shock nature of the application and constant exposure to harsh environmental conditions, such as cement, limestone, coal or silica dust. Lubrication reliability best practices
  • Rust & Oxidations Oils

    Brand Name : Sun Chem

    Application : Industrial Use

    Shelf Life : 1year

    Feature : Base Oil, Optimum Qu..

    Form : Liquid

  • Slideway Oils
    Coming in a wide range of iso grades our slide and way oils lubricant designed to lubricate machine tool slides, tables and feed mechanisms. with excellent frictional properties, slide way adhesion and anti-wear performance, our slide and way oils provide efficient machining accuracy and reliable
  • Spindle Oils
    Sun Chem brand of Spindle oils are low-viscosity, Ultra pure, Aromatic and VOC free oils designed for the lubrication of very high-speed spindles in industrial machinery and machine tools. These oils are compounded to give excellent resistance to wear, varnish build-up and rust formation, available

Metal Forming Lubricants

We offer an array of task-specific products for the full spectrum of drawing and stamping processes. Our applications include componentry for the agriculture, medical, appliance, automotive, aviation and marine industries. Despite the complex and multifaceted nature of die stamping and metal drawing, Sun Chem’s century of expertise ensures that you will receive the appropriate lubricant for your requirements.

  • Deep Draw Compound
    A. Drawmet Non staining, water-soluble cream coloured paste for “dry on” or emulsion application.Description Non staining, water-soluble cream coloured paste for “dry on” or emulsion application. It is manufactured with specially balanced mixture of soap and fat. The
  • Stamping Oil
    Sun Chem Stamping Oil (Vanishing oils) are designed for light-to medium-duty drawing and stamping applications, leaving little to no residue. These products provide extreme pressure lubrication, flushing and cooling for metal forming operations and are designed to evaporate. They can be used as

Metalworking Fluids

  • EDM Oil
    Make a good impression on potential customers by eliminating the smoky, smelly, kerosene based edm oil is an easy way to clean up your image, and improve your bottom line.Sun chem brand edm oils are multipurpose dielectric fluids for use in all discharge machines especially for roughing, finishing
  • Grinding Fluids

    Application : For All Grinding Ope..

    Technology : Formulations based o..

    Packaging Size (Litres) : 25 ltr / 210 ltr

    USP : Quick removal of swa..

    Advantage : No rusting , Excelle..

  • Machining Fluids

    Application : For Most Advanced CN..

    Technology : Formulations based o..

    Packaging Size (Litres) : 25 ltr / 210 ltr

    USP : Highly stable emulsi..

    Advantage : Tool life increase ,..

High Temperature Greases

Greases for very high temperatures (VHT) or Ultra High Temperatures (UHT) can be used in service at continuous temperatures ≥200°C and can withstand peaks of 300°C. These conditions require special chemistries, very different from traditional mineral greases.

Lubrication at temperatures >200°C is very often poorly controlled. Use of traditional or even synthetic greases is not enough, or requires almost daily topping up. To resist decomposition or strong evaporation of the base oils at these extreme temperatures, the solution is to employ non-conventional chemistries. The thickener should be infusible or show a dropping point close to 300°C.

Very High Temperature VHT greases thus conserve sufficient viscosity to effectively lubricate the mechanical elements.

Under still more extreme conditions, it is preferable to use pastes highly charged with solids (graphite, copper, zinc,…). The grease is thus only a vector to give a uniform deposit of a dry lubricant to protect the equipment.

  • Sun Chem very high temperature greases use non-conventional chemistries

  • Thickener infusible or with a very high dropping point

  • Base oils showing exceptional resistance to oxidation

  • Thermal and mechanical stability

  • No formation of lacquer, no coking

Product Benefits
  • Very high temperature greases allow not only lubrication at temperatures of the order of 300°C to 1000°C but also lifetime greasing in the range of -25° to 350°C.

  • Lasts 2 to 4 Times Longer Than Conventional Grease thus it will help you in reducing grease inventory and Save money

  • Helps in reducing bearing damage and subsequent failures due to heavy loads and contamination thereby savings in costly parts replacement and labour costs.

Some of our product offering
  • Molybdenum Grease

  • Lithium Complex Grease

  • Calcium Sulphonate Complex Grease

  • HT XX grease

  • Graphite Grease

  • Extreme Pressure Premium Red Grease
    Multi-Purpose, Heavy Load, Extreme Pressure, High Temperature Grease In An Aluminum Complex Base With Synthetic Molybdenum And Graphite In Non Black Formula.   Nlgi #2: Highly visible red formulation of sun chem allows for easy inspection of lubrication points. From 0°f to 374°f
  • Moly Graphite Grease
    Grease Specifically Formulated To Protect Equipment Exposed To Extremely High Temperatures. Provides superior protection for equipment against extreme heat, contaminants and heavy loads. Product of choice for extreme temperature applications.   Provides Superior Equipment Protection
  • Synthetic Blend Grease
    Extreme duty calcium sulfonate grease specifically formulated for construction and heavy industrial equipment. (Calcium Sulfonate base recommended by Caterpillar.)Provides superior protection for equipment against, heavy loads, dirt, dust, water and heat.Provides Superior Equipment Protection

Petroleum Jelly

Other Products

  • Aerosol Formulations

    Form : Gel, Liquid

    Brand Name : Sun Chem

    Usage : Industrial

  • Cable Filling Compound
    SU-91 is developed and prepared to meet quality requirements as a flooding & filling compound for Coaxial Cable & Copper Telecommunications Cable. This compound has high viscous property and it is compatible in application for jelly filled cables expanded insulation. Also this compound has good
  • Deodorised Kerosene

    Environment friendly colorless, odourless solvents used in mosquito repellents, crop protection sprays, pesticide formulations, aerosols, polishes, lamp oil and various industrial applications.


  • Printing Ink Solvents
    Premium grade environment friendly De aromatized Synthetic Hydrocarbons (Solvents) based on latest GTL technology (Natural Gas* to liquid).  *Natural gas is a cleaner environment friendly feedstock. These oils are new age Aromatic free, Non-VOC Oils for all types of offset inks. These oils are
  • Rust Preventives

    Appearance : Pale Brown Liquid

    Sp. Gravity @ 29.5° C : 0.825

    Flash Point °c Coc : 40 Min

    Film Thickness, Micron : 5 To6

    Coverage (Sq Mt / Ltr) : 70

  • Rubber Process Oils
    We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Rubber Process Oils in India. When the search is aimed for the best suppliers of Rubber Processing Oil, then our name comes first. All of our Rubber Processing Oil is manufactured with utmost care and precision ensuring that our products are
  • Wire Rope Lubricants
    Sun chem pvt. Ltd. Has been manufacturing wire-rope lubricants for over 40 years. The lubricant used in the manufacturing process of a wire-rope is critical to the rope’s usage life and overall performance. Our products are designed keeping in mind our customer’s needs, thus ensuring the