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Industrial Lubricants

Pioneer in the development of the High Performance Industrial Lubricants market in India Our combination of standard grades satisfies a broad spectrum of applications, and our custom-formulating ability helps us meet your most exacting specifications. Our products are manufactured to increase reliability, economy and service life of components resulting in lower operating costs.

  • Quenching Oils :-

    Used for all quenching operation on a wide variety of steel to impart the desired hardness to components without distortion It is normally used for hardening nuts, bolts, leaf springs, coils, ball bearings and certain types of brake drums as well as many other components manufactured by engineering industries

  • Hydraulic Oils :-

    SUNCHEM Hydraulic Oils are blended from virgin base stock and carefully selected anti oxidant, anti wear, anti rust and anti foam additives. These oils have long service life and are recommended for Hydraulic Systems. These Oils pass Vickers -104C vane pump test and meet IS : 10522-1983

  • Gear Oils :-

    Sun Chem EP/HP gear oil is a new technology gear oil meets all the requirements of API GL-4 and GL5. It is a long drain multi grade high performance gear oil. It is an ideal product for high pressure transmission. They are particularly recommended for gears working under heavy or shock load conditions. These gear oils have good thermal stability and oxidation resistance.

  • Rust Preventives :-

    We are expert in catering a wide range of rust preventives, which include dry film and oil film rust preventives. These rust preventives provide protection to metal components and pipes from rust. They can also be customized as per the specification laid down by our clients.

    • Non staining
    • Compatible with lubricating oil
    • Easily removed by solvent
    • Highly economical
    • Excellent rust prevention

  • General Purpose Machinery Oils :- SUN Chem GPM Oils are manufactured from good quality base stocks which are carefully selected to provide adequate lubrication properties at a low cost
  • Spindle Oils :-

    We provide a series of light coloured low viscosity oil for lubrication of high-speed spindles. Our spindle oil is formulated to provide excellent oxidation stability, low friction and rust prevention across the lubricated parts. Our spindle oil offer excellent lubrication at full loads and high temperatures encountered in various textile machinery and machine tools. Our spindle oil keeps maintenance and power costs to a minimum.

  • Open Gear Compound :-

    SUN CHEM OGC Grades are black lubricants for open gears, wire ropes and chain lubrication. They have excellent thermal and chemical stability and have very good adhesiveness due to use of selected bituminous component. These grades are recommended to be used primarily in open gears of small presses to big gears of cement plants. They are used in kilns of cement plants and some sponge industries.

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