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Cable Filling Compound

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We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Cable Filling Compounds. Our products have got immense popularity in the market for their quality standards. Our acquisition of high end technology and experience in manufacturing of cable filling compounds gives a distinct advantage to people using our superior grades of compounds. These cable filling compounds are good conductor of electricity and offer high resistance to heat. Our range of Cable filling compounds are resistant to drying, swelling, and cracking after filling into the cables.

Range of cable filling compounds
  • Cable Jelly for Co Axial Cables
  • Cable Jelly for Telecommunication Cables (JFTC Cables)

Typical Property

Properties Test Method Specifications
Apperance Visual white wax like
Melting Point (oC) ASTMD127 >90
Drop Point (oC) ASTM D 566 >85
Penetration (at 25oC, 150g, 1/10mm) ASTM D 937 >60
Flash Point (C.O.C, oC) ASTM D92 >240
Separation of Oil (at 50oCx24 hrs) IEC 538 B <5mm
Viscosity (at 120oC, cst) ASTM D 445 >400
Dielectric Constant (at 23oC, 1 MHz) ASTM D150 <2.3
Dissipation Factor (at23oC, 1MHz) ASTM D150 <0.0015
Volume Resistivity (at 100oC, ASTMD 1169 >1x1012
Total Acid Value (mg.KOH/g) ASTM D 974 <0.55
Driptest (at 80oC x 24 hrs) REA PE-89 No Drip

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