Latest Products Latest Products Mon, 04 Jul 2022 13:10:18 +0530 en-us Rubber Process Oils Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Rubber Process Oils in India. When the search is aimed for the best suppliers of Rubber Processing Oil, then our name comes first. All of our Rubber Processing Oil is manufactured with utmost care and precision ensuring that our products are optimum in quality and they caterto the exact demand of our clients.PARAFINNIC OILParaffinic Oils are generally light in colour having wide viscosity range, higher Aniline & Flash Point. It is extensively used in the manufacturing of butyl tubes, EPDMbased rubber products, such as profiles, hose pipe & automotive Components.AROMATIC OILAromatic Oils are generally dark in colour & good compatible with most Rubber Polymers. It is extensively used in the manufacturing of Automobile Tyres, TreadRubber, Conveyor Belts, Automotive Components & Floor Mats etc., where colour of the end product is not important.NAPTHENIC OILNaphthenic oil has good colour stability, solubility & thermal stability. It is extensively used in the manufacturing of foot wear, LPG tubes, hot water bags, moulded &extruded products. It may be used as a banbury lubricants in Rubber Industries.POLYBUTENEPolybutenes are used as extenders and plasticizers for a variety of vulcanized elastomers including natural rubber, butyl rubber, polyisoprene,polybutadiene, ethylene-alpha olefin rubber and styrenebutadiene rubber (SBR). Unlike mineral oil, polybutenes cannot be easily extracted from vulcanized elastomersby solvents, and are resistant to exudation by heat ageing.Hence polybutenes impart their properties permanently to the rubber.Roofing and pipe wrap compounds made from butyl rubber or EPDM modified butyl rubber can be plasticized with polybutenes. These compounds show excellent tensile strength, elongation, low temperature flexibility and color/UV stability. In addition, polybutenes are compatible with the elastomeric portion of thermoplastic block copolymers such as butylene-ethylene-styrene block copolymer. In low concentrations, polybutenes soften and plasticize such elastomers. At higher levels, polybutenes contribute tack and adhesion. Stamping Oil Tue, 19 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Sun Chem Stamping Oil (Vanishing oils) are designed for light-to medium-duty drawing and stamping applications, leaving little to no residue. These products provide extreme pressure lubrication, flushing and cooling for metal forming operations and are designed to evaporate. They can be used as received, applied by drip, rollers or spray systems. It may be used on copper, steel & aluminum. Battery Terminal Compound Tue, 19 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 The material is intended for applying up on the cable clamps and battery terminals so as to prevent the battery terminals from corrosion, dirt and moisture and thus helps to retain battery in good condition. Product is conforming to IS: 4887-1980.Stability test @60°c : No separation in the compound Deodorised Kerosene Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Environment friendly colorless, odourless solvents used in mosquito repellents, crop protection sprays, pesticide formulations, aerosols, polishes, lamp oil and various industrial applications. . Industrial Lubricants Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Hydraulic Oils Tue, 19 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Specially formulated hydraulic oils for machine which works on extreme working condition. Sun hydraulic oils, is made up of high quality imported base oil and stabilized with word class antioxidants which keep this oil stable throughout its life. Its viscosity and colour do not change due to thermic cycle. It also work as a very good sealant and protect any leakage, provides a unique lubricant which prevents wear & tear and increase the life of your product.Hydraulic LubricationOne of the best ways to ensure smooth-running hydraulic systems is to use the right hydraulic oil and keep it clean and dry. A lubrication reliability effort that includes selecting the right fluid and implementing the correct reliability best practices will protect metal surfaces from wear, leading to improved uptime, reduced maintenance costs, and longer lubricant and equipment life.hydraulic systems have become more sophisticated in recent years, as speed and pressure have increased tremendously. Because of these changes, wear rates have gone up dramatically and proper selection of hydraulic oil has become much more important.Identify Suffering PointsMove forward with our proven solutions for extending hydraulic component life.ContaminationOil cleanliness is imperative to the reliable operation of hydraulic components. Typical contaminants include dirt, process material, wear debris and water. Contaminated oil leads to problems such as wear, corrosion, accelerated degradation of oil, sluggish operation and component failures.SolutionRoutine filtration is a simple, effective way to extend oil and equipment life. Understanding, achieving and maintaining the right iso cleanliness standard for hydraulic applications can extend the life of the oil by two to three times. Time-Based Oil ChangesChanging oil on a time-based interval is wasteful and unnecessary. Instead, successful programs incorporate condition-based changes to minimize costs while ensuring efficient hydraulic performance.SolutionA good oil analysis program is integral to any successful lubricant reliability program. With consistent, accurate monitoring of the condition of your oil, an oil analysis program can help you improve your bottom line with less lubricant to purchase, fewer parts to keep in inventory, less used lubricant requiring disposal, less labor and less downtime. Underperforming Hydraulic FluidOems typically recommend an iso viscosity grade for hydraulic systems, while other characteristics are often ignored. Hydraulic fluids vary in many key properties, including their thermal and oxidative stability, friction reduction capability, detergency, antifoam characteristics, demulsibility, hydrolytic stability, and ability to maintain viscosity across the temperature range. When any of these properties in a hydraulic fluid are not up to the challenges the equipment and environment pose, they can compound challenges in other areas. Further, some applications or environments have specific requirements, such as fire resistance, food grade, environmental and dielectric strength.SolutionWith both system performance and equipment reliability affected by the lubricant, selecting the right fluid is of utmost importance. Working with a knowledgeable consultant who can help you select and maintain your hydraulic fluid can be the difference between trouble-free operation or continuous problems. Le provides a range of hydraulic fluids for various applications and environments, all of which are engineered to provide the best protection for your equipment. Spindle Oils Tue, 19 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Sun Chem brand of Spindle oils are low-viscosity, Ultra pure, Aromatic and VOC free oils designed for the lubrication of very high-speed spindles in industrial machinery and machine tools. These oils are compounded to give excellent resistance to wear, varnish build-up and rust formation, available in ISO VG 2, 10, 15 and 22.A recent survey resulted in the following analysis of the causes of spindle malfunctions: 42% wear on spindle bearings, 33% collisions, 15% other and 5% each due to dirt and lubrication. While many users are aware of the key importance of the spindle system, few take full advantage of the available room for optimization, especially considering that the investment in a high-frequency spindle averages 10–15% of the cost of the entire machine. Sun Chem Spindle Line creates an ideal environment for reducing spindle malfunctions and enhancing process reliability. At 40,000 rpm, even the tiniest dirt particle can have a devastating impact on a spindle’s service life.  At Sun Chem our product stands for ultra pure quality. SPINDLE CLEANING Thorough cleaning of the system is recommended every time the spindle coolant is changed (either during maintenance or when switching spindle coolant). The ideal conditions for a smoothly functioning cooling system only exist after cleaning. Gear Oils Tue, 19 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Our gear oils are designed to combat the effects of high temperatures, water, contaminants and heavy loads.Sun chem gear oils are formulated with premium quality extreme pressure additive that is suitable for high loads and protects against wear. They are formulated with anti-foam, anti-rust and anti-wearing properties, they are each designed to ensure excellent performance under heavy and stressful loads and a wide variation of temperatures. These products are available in the iso viscosity grades: 10,15,22,32,46,68,100,150,220,320,460, 680   High-performance gear oil for industrial gearbox applications   Industrial gearboxes are expected to perform under conditions of high heat and heavy loads; and in environments often contaminated with dirt, process debris and water.Without adequate protection, gears will wear prematurely. You’ll have to replace parts more frequently, change oil more frequently, and worst of all, you’ll experience equipment downtime. To combat difficult conditions, sun chem offers an array of lubricants specially formulated for enclosed industrial gearbox applications.Three essential attributes when selecting gear oil   Gear oil is made up of two critical components: base oil and additives. Additives impart desirable properties and suppress undesirable ones. The additive package is the backbone of the lubricant’s performance, and a strong backbone will provide the performance and protection you need. When selecting gear oil, there are three essential attributes to consider:   One - The gear oil must remain thermally stable and not oxidize at high temperatures, thus avoiding the creation of sludge or varnish. Keeping the oil from oxidizing will lengthen drain and replacement intervals. As a general rule of thumb, for every 18 degrees f (10 degrees c) increase in fluid temperature above 140°f (60°c), oxidation will reduce the service life of a lubricant by half.Two – If you have an enclosed gearbox application that is heavily loaded or subject to shock loading, you need gear oil with extreme pressure properties. Gear oil with an ep additive will protect the gear surfaces against extreme pressures.Three – Gear oil must fight contamination that enters the system, especially water. The oil must be able to demulsify, which allows for easy removal of the water from the gearbox. Slideway Oils Tue, 19 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Coming in a wide range of iso grades our slide and way oils lubricant designed to lubricate machine tool slides, tables and feed mechanisms. with excellent frictional properties, slide way adhesion and anti-wear performance, our slide and way oils provide efficient machining accuracy and reliable protection for your equipment. Rust & Oxidations Oils Tue, 19 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Sun Chem brand of Rust and Oxidation inhibited oils are manufactured from highly refined paraffinic base oils. They contain oxidation, corrosion and foam inhibitors. These oils have excellent oxidation stability, corrosion protection and carbon buildup tendency. They come in viscosity ranging from ISO VG 32 to 680 and are recommended for use in turbines of all types where a high-quality, stable lubricant with good water separating characteristics are required. Open Gear Lubricants Tue, 19 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Large open gears on grinding and pulverizing mills present significant lubrication challenges due to the high-load, heavy-shock nature of the application and constant exposure to harsh environmental conditions, such as cement, limestone, coal or silica dust. Lubrication reliability best practices for open gears include selecting the right lubricant and the right method of application to combat these challenges. Choosing wisely will help protect the gears from wear, increase uptime, and – in most cases – dramatically reduce gear set operating temperatures, lubricant consumption, energy consumption, and waste disposal. This will lead to a cleaner, safer working environment.We have asphaltic based range of open gear compounds very good tack and load carrying properties. Metalworking Fluids Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Machining Fluids Tue, 19 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Microcool : Cooling lubricants for metalworking must always be effective, but also economical and free from ingredients that are harmful to health and the environment. They must provide cooling and lubrication, as well as flush chips away from the cutting zone, provide corrosion protection, keep foaming under control and be highly stable. Our fluids are designed with today’s most advanced additives to properly balance all of these functions in a variety of operations involving a myriad of substrates.A. SyntheticOur Synthetic Machining fluids provide thermal and oxidation stability, rapid heat dissipation from tooling and work pieces, along with minimizing oil misting and smoking. Specially formulated with pure technology, advanced polymers and powerful detergents this line exceeds the demands of today’s machining industry by achieving optimal high-quality surface finishes. They are designed with enhanced wetting agents which will lead to low coolant carry-out and reduced consumption, clean running, low foam and their transparency allows the operators to see the parts during the manufacturing process.Benefits Excellent tool life cuts downtime and tooling costs Increased feeds and speeds Bacteria-resistant Oil rejecting properties Longer sump life, reduces waste streams Non- Staining Low residue Fine Settling Foam Control, designed for both low and high pressure systems Stability for both hard and soft water Corrosion Protection Our wide range of synthetic fluids can be used on Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Specialty Metals taking into account machining and metal compatibility.Light Duty – general purpose machiningLight-Moderate Duty – facing, milling, sawing and general machiningModerate Duty – turning, grooving, milling, tapping, and drillingHeavy Duty – broaching, deep boring, drilling, reaming, roll threading and tappingB. Semi-SyntheticWhat sets us apart in today’s global market with our Semi-Synthetic fluid line? The diversity among this series that was designed for plant operations that demand exceptional machining finishes, extended tool life while having operator acceptance. These products are water extendable and scientifically formulated to provide an outstanding balance of extreme pressure characteristics, boundary lubrication, low foaming and cooling properties in all phases.Benefits Improved tool life Increase feed and speeds Clean Operating – Residue Free Longer sump life Excellent wetting characteristics Microbiological protection Hard/Soft water stability Excellent surface finishes Excellent detergency Defoaming properties (low and high pressure) Corrosion protection Our wide range of semi-synthetic fluids can be used on Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Specialty Metals taking into account machining and metal compatibility.Light Duty – band saw applicationsLight-Moderate Duty – general machining, grinding, sawing, drilling and facingModerate Duty – general machining, facing, milling, sawing, and turningModerate-Heavy Duty – facing, milling, sawing and turningHeavy Duty – boring, facing, reaming, tapping, gun drilling, roll forming and broachingC. SolubleOur soluble oil line is highly engineered to provide superior lubrication even in the most demanding metalworking applications. They are formulated with premium base oils, unique emulsion packages, effective bio-resistant components along with extreme pressure and lubricity additives to provide maximum tool life that have high quality finishes. Grinding Fluids Tue, 19 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Grinding: We understand that grinding fluids are crucial in the grinding process.  Not only are they needed to reduce friction, but also for their ability to extract heat from the work zone and maximize material removal.  This is why are grinding fluids are formulated with advanced polymers, corrosion inhibitors and powerful detergents that result in superior quality surface finishes.  Our technology is developed for use in OD/ID, Blanchard, surface, internal, form and cylindrical grinding applications.  All of the products are compatible with diamond, CBN, vitrified and resin-bond wheels. The products are formulated from high-purity, natural petroleum and synthetic base stocks. They are job specific and are available in a range of viscosities that will complement any filter system.A. MineralThese fluids are low-viscosity, low-smoke grinding oils using special additives for effective grinding of high nickel alloys, tool steel alloys and carbide. These products provide excellent heat transfer coupled with high lubricity that help eliminate tool micro-structure damage and surface discoloration. These products are non-toxic and non-irritating to machine operators. It is not corrosive to steel, carbide or non-ferrous alloys. High lubricity, excellent wetting and extreme pressure properties help extend grinding wheel life, maintain wheel form and minimize burning.  B. SyntheticOur synthetic fluids are very low-viscosity, low-smoke synthetic grinding oils for tool steel and carbide respectively. These products are blends of special additives in synthetic oil for increased lubricity and burn-free performance at elevated temperatures. Both products are formulated with an additive package that will not be stripped by diatomaceous earth filter systems or quickly depleted during use.C. Semi-SyntheticThese fluids are blends of synthetic hydrocarbon, synthetic ester and highly refined mineral oil. These are low-viscosity, low-smoke grinding oils that exhibit high lubricity at a reduced viscosity to maximize heat transfer for excellent grinding performance. EDM Oil Tue, 19 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Make a good impression on potential customers by eliminating the smoky, smelly, kerosene based edm oil is an easy way to clean up your image, and improve your bottom line.Sun chem brand edm oils are multipurpose dielectric fluids for use in all discharge machines especially for roughing, finishing and superfinishing work. These are formulated with high-purity fluid designed for maximum machine productivity and operator comfort when used in electrical-discharge machining. The chemistry of these products provides correct balance of viscosity, volatility, oxidation stability, heat transfer characteristics and low toxicity. They are highly refined, narrow-cut, low-viscosity fluids and function as an insulator between tool and workpiece.Do you know how to choose edm dielectric oil If you are old enough to remember the days of  injection mold making  with disgusting edm dielectric oil you qualify to to appreciate how clean, odorless (almost) and safe the fluids found in sinker edm’s are these days. Work floor used to smell like a diesel at the end of the with all those disgusting fumes that soaked into the lungs. After all, the odors we smell are actually tiny particles of matter that get picked up by our noses. Not only will the use of up-to-date edm oil enhance your profits, it will also boost morale of the edm department and not be offensive to visiting customers. Advantages of quality edm dielectric oil Faster machining speeds-the newer oils are highly refined and purified to be more efficient. They are engineered to burn cleaner, thus producing a finer finish more quickly. Less smoke-the smoke produced from high amperage burns can produce quite a bit of toxic smoke, which must be vented to the outside. Even then, what becomes of the smoke? Longer fluid life-because they enable electrical discharge machining to be more efficient, the heat and sludge does not degrade the oil as quickly. This can mean quite a savings in material and time. Easy on the skin-many operators complain of skin irritation from the old kerosene based fluids. The new synthetic edm oils are much easier on the skin. Does not evaporate-your oil will last longer, and your shop will not smell like a diesel engine repair shop. Environmentally friendly-because the new edm oils are synthetic they are much easier to dispose of and have less impact on the environment. You only get once chance to make a good first impressionChoosing the correct edm oil can make a substantial difference in the overall performance of your edm department. Buying good  edm supplies  makes sense any way you look at it. Aerosol Formulations Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 With long technical expertise in lubricants field we provide and develop product concentrate to speciality aerosol manufacturers. Wd 40 Chain Cleaner Chain Lubricant Anti Sieze Spray Silicone Oil Rust Preventive High Temperature Synthetic Greases Jel Wax   . Metal Forming Lubricants Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 We offer an array of task-specific products for the full spectrum of drawing and stamping processes. Our applications include componentry for the agriculture, medical, appliance, automotive, aviation and marine industries. Despite the complex and multifaceted nature of die stamping and metal drawing, Sun Chem’s century of expertise ensures that you will receive the appropriate lubricant for your requirements. Wire Rope Lubricants Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Sun chem pvt. Ltd. Has been manufacturing wire-rope lubricants for over 40 years. The lubricant used in the manufacturing process of a wire-rope is critical to the rope’s usage life and overall performance. Our products are designed keeping in mind our customer’s needs, thus ensuring the products which are supplied perform exactly as technically desired.Our company manufactures two types of wire-rope lubricants :- Wax-Based Bitumen-Based These lubricants are used in the manufacturing / servicing of wire-ropes meant for a wide variety of industries, such as – engineering, mining, haulage, elevator, fishing, thermal power plants, project & engineering, etc. Special colored lubricants used for strand identification in wire-ropes – these are also manufactured and supplied against special orders.Sun Wrl-55 Wax based non-bituminous wire rope lubricant with anti corrosion and good tack properties. Sun Coat 120 / 140 / 170 Bituminous based wire rope lubricants and open gear compounds. They have good load carrying ability and increase the life of ropes and gears by providing long term lubrication at even elevated temperatures and loads. Damping Fluids Printing Ink Solvents Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Premium grade environment friendly De aromatized Synthetic Hydrocarbons (Solvents) based on latest GTL technology (Natural Gas* to liquid).  *Natural gas is a cleaner environment friendly feedstock. These oils are new age Aromatic free, Non-VOC Oils for all types of offset inks. These oils are more biodegradable than conventional petroleum derived solvents.Sun Chem has been a pioneer in the manufacture of Ink Oils in India and meets the requirements of the major printing ink manufacturers in the country. We offer a wide range of eco-friendly, low VOC ,non labeled low PCA SUN INK Oils for the Ink Industry, manufactured from highly refined specially selected naphthenic and paraffinic base stocks of broad spectrum of viscosities and controlled boiling range.The salient features of SUN INK Oils are high solvency, light color and low poly cyclic aromatic levels. Molecular structures of Power Ink Oils are designed for more effective pigment dispersion and wetting which bring out the strength, cleanliness and transparency of colours.High solvency of SUN INK Oils also makes it possible to take advantage of the use of the more viscous, high molecular resins for their superior print performance. *We also have environment friendly no smell kerosene-based products for cleaning fluids, that works perfectly for the printing industry. Deep Draw Compound Wed, 06 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 A. Drawmet Non staining, water-soluble cream coloured paste for “dry on” or emulsion application.Description Non staining, water-soluble cream coloured paste for “dry on” or emulsion application. It is manufactured with specially balanced mixture of soap and fat. The recommended dilution ratio with water is between 5 to 50 percent depending upon the gauge of wire to be drawn or depth of the deep drawn part. Application Areas The product can be used for deep drawing of wires, tube drawing, forming, spinning and other similar medium to heavy duty operations of carbon steels and nonferrous metals. Performance Benefits Excellent cooling ability Excellent film strength B. Deep Draw Oil  Sun DD Oil is a chlorine-free semi-synthetic drawing fluid that is suitable for light and heavy drawing. Sun DD Oil has improved rinsing behaviour and high corrosion protection properties. Suitable on tough materials, such as titanium alloys, Inconel and stainless steel alloys, Steel, Cast iron. Petroleum Jelly Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 White & Yellow Petroleum Jelly Wed, 08 Apr 2020 00:00:00 +0530 The Petroleum Jelly that we offer is a homogeneous mixture of highly refined pure oils with specially selected waxes widely used as base for ointments, salves, veterinary and cosmetic application. It is also used extensively in food processing, plastics, rubber, tobacco, paper and rope industries.*Customised Specifications can be offered on request. Rust Preventives Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Whether your challenge ranges from temporary indoor protection to extended outdoor conditions, or the application is bare metal, a coating over phosphate, black oxide or other inorganic coatings, our line of corrosion preventatives can offer an affordable solution.Oil BasedOur oil based, water displacing, non-staining rust preventive are low odor, water displacing, high flash products that provide excellent rust protection. These products are designed to apply thin highly protective film on ferrous metals. These films may be applied to the substrate by dipping, spraying or brushing.Benefits Rapid water displacement. High flash point Low odor Barium-free Protective film –  From slightly oily to dry-to-touch Non-staining Solvent Based Our solvent based, water displacing, non-staining rust preventive that will rapidly separate water displaced from metal surfaces following machining or cleaning operations. These products are designed to apply a thin protective film on ferrous metals. These films may be applied to the substrate by dipping, spraying or brushing.Benefits Rapid water displacement. Product with varying flash point available 105-220F Low odor Barium-free Protective dry-to-touch film Non-staining Neutralizes fingerprints. High Temperature Greases Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Greases for very high temperatures (VHT) or Ultra High Temperatures (UHT) can be used in service at continuous temperatures ≥200°C and can withstand peaks of 300°C. These conditions require special chemistries, very different from traditional mineral greases. Description Lubrication at temperatures >200°C is very often poorly controlled. Use of traditional or even synthetic greases is not enough, or requires almost daily topping up. To resist decomposition or strong evaporation of the base oils at these extreme temperatures, the solution is to employ non-conventional chemistries. The thickener should be infusible or show a dropping point close to 300°C. Very High Temperature VHT greases thus conserve sufficient viscosity to effectively lubricate the mechanical elements. Under still more extreme conditions, it is preferable to use pastes highly charged with solids (graphite, copper, zinc,…). The grease is thus only a vector to give a uniform deposit of a dry lubricant to protect the equipment. Characteristics Sun Chem very high temperature greases use non-conventional chemistries Thickener infusible or with a very high dropping point Base oils showing exceptional resistance to oxidation Thermal and mechanical stability No formation of lacquer, no coking Product Benefits Very high temperature greases allow not only lubrication at temperatures of the order of 300°C to 1000°C but also lifetime greasing in the range of -25° to 350°C. Lasts 2 to 4 Times Longer Than Conventional Grease thus it will help you in reducing grease inventory and Save money Helps in reducing bearing damage and subsequent failures due to heavy loads and contamination thereby savings in costly parts replacement and labour costs. Some of our product offering Molybdenum Grease Lithium Complex Grease Calcium Sulphonate Complex Grease HT XX grease Graphite Grease Synthetic Blend Grease Wed, 06 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Extreme duty calcium sulfonate grease specifically formulated for construction and heavy industrial equipment. (Calcium Sulfonate base recommended by Caterpillar.)Provides superior protection for equipment against, heavy loads, dirt, dust, water and heat.Provides Superior Equipment Protection for:• Construction, Mining, Agriculture• Excavation & Demolition• Utility Construction• Concrete & Asphalt Paving• Industrial Manufacturing• Food Processing• Steel Mills & Foundries• Paper Mills, Printing, & PackagingProtects and Stays in Place Under Severe Load Conditions Lasts 2 to 4 Times Longer Than Conventional Greases. Wide Operating Temperature Range – NLGI #2 remains effective to 450ºF continuous and 600ºF intermittent with monitored lubrication, and down to -10ºF.   Reduces Grease Inventory to Save Money Superior Water Resistance- won’t wash out during operation, even when totally submerged.Bearing Speeds Up to 20,000 RPM’s. PRODUCT OF CHOICE FOR EXTREME APPLICATIONSIdeal for use on:Heavy industrial equipment exposed to high/low temperatures, high speed wheel bearings, anti-friction bearings, open gears, turbine pumps, paper and pulp mills, steel mills, chemical plants, and waste water plants. Construction equipment, sewage treatment plants, irrigation equipment, non-domestic water pumps, wet mining, scroll saws, kiln cars. High speed wheel bearings, boat trailer bearings, sleeve bearings, chassis, utility trucks, buses. Seagoing vessels, coastal and wharf equipment, inland waterway applications. Extreme Pressure Premium Red Grease Wed, 20 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Multi-Purpose, Heavy Load, Extreme Pressure, High Temperature Grease In An Aluminum Complex Base With Synthetic Molybdenum And Graphite In Non Black Formula.   Nlgi #2: Highly visible red formulation of sun chem allows for easy inspection of lubrication points. From 0°f to 374°f continuous and up to 464°f intermittent.   Helps In Reducing Bearing Damage And Subsequent Failures Due To Heavy Loads And Contamination Thereby Savings In Parts Replacement And Labour Costs. Heavy Duty Grease Specifically Formulated For Industrial Equipment. Provides superior protection against heavy loads, contaminants, heat and high speeds. Product of choice for almost every industrial application. Application Areas: Utility Plants Paper Mills & Packaging Plants Steel Mills & Foundries Printing Chemical Plants Plastic And Rubber Plants Refineries Industrial Manufacturing Features & Benefits Stays in place to prevent wear under heavy-load conditions. Contains synthetic moly and graphite. Minimizes abrasive wear caused by dirt and dust. Exceptional heat reversion properties. Superior water resistance. Excellent high temperature performance - remains effective 190°c continuous and 240°c intermittent. Prevents rust and corrosion. Reduces grease inventory to save money.   Moly Graphite Grease Wed, 20 Nov 2019 00:00:00 +0530 Grease Specifically Formulated To Protect Equipment Exposed To Extremely High Temperatures. Provides superior protection for equipment against extreme heat, contaminants and heavy loads. Product of choice for extreme temperature applications.   Provides Superior Equipment Protection For: Brick Plants Steel Mills Asphalt Plants Mining Glass Manufacturing Forges And Foundries Kilns, Furnaces, And Ovens Note: Equipment operated continuously above 320ºc will require frequent monitoring and re-lubrication. Features & Benefits Extreme temperature performance up to 1000°c intermittent with monitored lubrication intervals Calcium sulfonate grease with high moly and graphite content Prolongs bearing and equipment life Extends lubrication intervals by up to 10 times Excellent high temperature performance - protects up to 1000°c intermittently. At temperatures above 320°c the premium base oil evaporates cleanly leaving solid lubricants behind to protect equipment   Additives Benefits Calcium Sulfonate base withstands high heat and provides additional extreme pressure protection under heavy loads. Extremely water resistant, heavier than water to resist washouts even in submerged environments. Adhesive And Cohesive Polymers Tackiness Agents: Highly-elastic polymers hold grease together and in place to reduce squeezeout, channeling and sling-off. Prevents loss of lubricant that leaves bearings “starved”. Rust And Corrosion inhibitors   Blocks out corrosive elements such as acids, water, condensate and steam by forming a protective barrier on equipment surfaces to prevent chemical wear. Extreme Pressure (EP) Agents  A heat seeking additive that prevents the cold welding that can occur under heavy loads. Minimizes wear while helping equipment run cooler. Anti-Wear And Friction Reducing Additives Prevents metal-to-metal contact, two-surface wear, vibration and chatter. Keeps high friction surfaces, such as bearings, properly lubricated to prevent metal loss, downtime, and replacement expenses. Oxidation Inhibitors Extends lubricant service life by retarding the oxidation process. Provides a chemical shield that prevents the oxidizing effects of oxygen and water. Shock load reducers cushions impact to minimize the stress, vibration and chatter that can occur under heavy loads and during start-stop operations. Molybdenum Disulfide Plates metal surface asperities completely with a premium lubricant coating that withstands high pressures, heavy loads and shear conditions. Reduces abrasive wear, too. Graphite High Concentration Offers extreme temperature protection and stability while guarding against contaminants, heavy loads, and water washout.   Cable Filling Compound Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 SU-91 is developed and prepared to meet quality requirements as a flooding & filling compound for Coaxial Cable & Copper Telecommunications Cable. This compound has high viscous property and it is compatible in application for jelly filled cables expanded insulation. Also this compound has good adhesion property on pe core units as well as wrapping tapes.   Major Features And Benefits Non Hazardous And Non Toxic Good Electrical Properties Excellent Thermal and Oxidation Stabilities Complying with rea's pe-39 & pe-89(at 80°c) drip test Good compatibility with other cable components Good applicability to jelly filled cables expanded Good water blocking   ApplicationIt can be applied into the cable  manufacturing process from 90°c to  95°c temperature in semi-liquid techniques and from 100°c to 105°c temperature in liquid techniques. Railway Lubricants Sat, 13 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Axle Oil Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Axle lubricating oil, primarily intended for use as a lubricant in plain bearing axles, used by Railways and other users. We are manufacturers of axle oil is as per specification IS: 1628-1986 which can be of three grades based on their viscosities: light, medium, heavy.   Function of this Oil; Extreme pressure and anti-wear protection for metal parts Maintaining thermal stability to avoid oxidation of the oil Dissipating heat from metal parts Rust and copper corrosion protection Lubrication and protection of seals Prevention of foaming Providing appropriate frictional properties General Purpose Machine Oil Fri, 12 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0530 SUN CHEM GPO grades are high-quality lubricating oils intended for general lubrication of industrial machinery. They are manufactured from selected base stocks and fortified with additives like antiwear and antirust. SPECIFICATION OF OIL IS AS PER IS 493:1981 WHICH OFFERS DIFFERENT KIND OF GRADES 32, 46, 68, 100,150, 220, 320, 460 depending what customers want. Recommended for lubrication of plain or roller bearings; in particular for circulating and bath systems, vertical and horizontal enclosed crank-case engines, sliding vane rotary machines, high-pressure reciprocating machines, where the operating conditions are not severe and straight mineral oils can perform satisfactorily.   APPLICATION: Recommended for lubrication of all types of industrial machines using once-through lubrication systems.  Recommended for lubrication of machine tools, textile machinery, and lightly loaded moving components of industrial machines.  High viscosity grades are recommended for lubrication of small open gears operating under light-duty conditions with intermittent lubrication.  PERFORMANCE BENEFITS:  Effective lubrication under light and medium loads as they maintain thin film of oil  Excellent rust and corrosion protection even during machine idle periods  Perform well even under boundary lubrication conditions