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Industrial Grease

Industrial Grease

Sun Chem Private Limited is a popular name in the industry, trusted for its high quality Industrial Grease. We are widely acknowledged as reliable Industrial Grease Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier.


  • Graphite Grease
  • SUN Moly SG Grease
  • Sun EP2 Grease
  • AP 3 Grease
  • High Temperature Synthetic Grease (upto 300 Deg C)

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High Performance PTFE Grease
Lithium Complex grease fortified with PTFE is a premium all purpose grease. Provides superior performance and protection for metal with moving parts. It penetrates and forms a long lasting protective film to withstand heavy loads and high speeds, prevents rust and corrosion, eliminates squeaks and squeals and will not run or wash away.

  • Good pumpability
  • Very Adhesive
  • Resists heat and oxidation
  • Resist water washout
  • Provide adequate rust protection

  • For all types of antifriction bearings.
  • For blowers and high speed electric motors.
  • Gears, pumps, industrial tools and agricultural equipment.
  • Hydraulic systems, centralized greasing systems.
  • Industries included engineering textile, marine, construction, chemicals and many others


CharacteristicsTest MethodUnitPTFE Grease
Base [thickener]--Lithium Complex
Base Oil--Mineral
NLGI Grade--#2
Dropping Point [typ.]ASTM D-566oC 240
Operating Temperature Range---20/+220

SUN Moly SG Grease
  • Excellent pumpability
  • Long term lubrication for bearings
  • Greases stay in place in heavily loaded condition
  • Resist water washout
  • Provide adequate rust protection

  • Universal joints, geared motors, enclosed gear boxes with high loads
  • For general purpose ball, roller, needle roller, taper roller bearings and gears


ProductNLGI GradeBase OilThickenerUsable Temperature Rangeo CCharacteristics & Applications
Sun Moly SG1Synthetic oilNon Soap based240oCGel based synthetic grease for high temperature applications. Anti seizing and extreme pressure properties to withstand severe shock load conditions.

Sun EP2 Grease
  • Withstands extreme pressure and high loads
  • Good shear stability
  • Reduces friction and wear and thereby minimizes maintenance costs
  • Provides adequate rust protection to bearing surfaces
  • Extends re-lubrication cycle as MoS2 provides solid lubricating film
  • Wide range operating temperature band
  • Good resistance to oxidation and hot & cold water

  • For all types of anti-friction
  • Plain / bush / sleeve bearings
  • Universal joints, splined shafts, springs and sliding mechanism
  • Cables in steel mills
  • Lubrication of chains on motor vehicles, trucks, transportation equipment and material handling systems

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